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Trips and vacations are always fun and if the destination is as beautiful as Portugal then it acts as a cherry on the cake. If you love beaches and want to spend your holiday around sea shore then there is no better place then Portugal as it is full of long and astonishing beaches. You must experience the beauty of nature and you can hire a car rent in Portugal to explore more as there are numerous car rental services.

Some driving guidelines in Portugal that you must know

It is irrefutable that Portugal is immensely beautiful but it also has some rules and regulations that you need to follow while your trip. Before hiring a car on rent to roam around Portugal you must know about the basic driving rules there. There is a certain speed limit on the streets of Portugal that you have to maintain otherwise you may end up in some legal problems. Adding to it, to drive on the streets of Portugal you need to have an International driving permit along with all the necessary documents related to your hire car. The driving rule of Portugal might be a bit different from your country so you must take a look at it before hiring a car rent in Portugal.

Top-notch places in Portugal that you can explore with your rented car

Praia da Claridade

If you love beaches then you will feel like a heaven here. It has old sandy beaches, spread for kilometres. It is one of biggest beaches in the Europe but along with it you can get all the facilities here is it a huge tourist spot.

Nucleo Mudeologico do Sal

Beaches and salt water lakes, there is no better combination. Here you can also learn about the process for salt making which also quite a unique experience.